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Ellicott City Real Estate

Ellicott City, MD – One of the Best City Neighborhoods in the US

Ellicott City is an unincorporated community with a laid-back charm. It is a Howard County’s census-designated neighborhood that boasts a plethora of historic homes, a vibrant shopping lane, and a relaxed atmosphere to guests and residents alike. Located near Baltimore, Annapolis, and the country’s capital, Washington, D.C., it is not surprising that Ellicott City is one of the hottest places to settle in the United States.

Vibrant Things to Do in the City

Ellicott City was founded by brothers Andrew, Joseph, and John Ellicott in 1772. The city boasts two famous regions, the Greater Ellicott City and the Historic Ellicott City. While both areas have a vibrant shopping district, residents and guests prefer the latter because of its notable craft goods and antiques. One of the most famous shopping destinations in the area is the Ellicott’s Country Store. It’s a four-story establishment filled with unique collectibles. On the other hand, those who are after custom furniture flock the Shoemaker Country.

Of course, shopping could be tiring. Fortunately, Ellicott City boasts Main Street restaurants wherein you can relax and pamper yourself. Whether you want to have a cup of tea or some bottles of craft beer, you have plenty of excellent hubs to visit.

In terms of community events, Ellicott City residents will never run out of exciting activities to attend. The locals make it sure to meet regularly, especially during warm months. They have weekly and monthly events that are both individual and family-friendly, such as Girls Night Out and Free Outdoor Movies. However, residents and tourists will agree that one of the most awaited events in Ellicott City is the Main Street Music Festival. It takes place in September wherein spectators can party in days with 80 bands.

The Quality of Life in Ellicott City

Same as the split in shopping districts, Ellicott’s real estate has two faces as well. The Historic Ellicott City charms people with its ancient façade, with old mill homes in close proximity with the Main Street. There have been additional constructions that look modern, but if you’re after contemporary homes and new communities, you must visit the Greater Ellicott City, especially if you are looking to Buy a home in Ellicott City MD.

Transportation in Ellicott City

Ellicott City is 37 miles from Washington, D.C., and 13 miles away from Baltimore. Commuters can take Interstates 95 and 70 with the benefit of having direct driving access to nascent job hubs and centers. There is also an option to use Maryland Area Regional Commuter train or Maryland Transit Authority. The ease of traveling back and to their homes is one of Ellicott’s most significant advantages over other cities, thanks to its perfect location.