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Catonsville Real Estate

Catonsville is just west of Baltimore, and it is closely tied to the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. Because a lot of people in the area work at or attend UMBC, this little town has something of the feeling of a college town. At the same time, young couples can move here, older couples have stayed around after their kids grew up, and professionals who once lived in the heart of Baltimore can move just outside the city for a little peace and quiet. You can speak to a Catonsville realtor today when you want to find a nice place to live that is close to a major city with history and charm.


What Are Some Things To Do In Catonsville?

While Baltimore is one of the oldest and most historic cities in America, Catonsville has shared in part of that history. There are many amazing things to do, and this town gives you a chance to learn more about the history of Maryland, how it has contributed to the union, and enjoy living in a close-knit community that brings opportunities to your doorstep. Catonsville real estate allows you to live in beautiful homes that have historic charm and have likely been upgraded by their owners.

Even though Catonsville is not a big town, it offers you a range of opportunities to enjoy yourself. One of the most amazing parts of the city is the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum. Banneker was a scientist who broke ground in a range of disciplines including botany, astronomy, and mathematics. He was a big part of helping the town grow when it was young, and he is one of the most important early African-American scientists who brought the black scientific community to the forefront in American.

Seeing how Banneker lived in a very good way for people to understand how Catonsville grew in the early days. The Spring Grove Arboretum is one of the most wonderful places to see the local flora of Maryland. Because the climate in Maryland is very unique, it is important for people to walk through the arboretum and learn from the docents that can walk everyone through the arboretum.

This is also a very good place to live if you would like to check out one of the best parks in the Baltimore area. Because Catonsville is so close to Baltimore, citizens of the city can walk over to the Joseph Bueys Sculpture Park at UMBC. This is one of the more unique parks in all of America because UMBC has curated this massive sculpture park over the years, and there are no traditional sculptures to be found. The students and visitors at the school have made the trees and rocks on the grounds look like pieces of art. This is something that you cannot find anywhere else, and that is why it is very important to come and visit. You can walk through the park every day if you want, and you can also have a picnic in the park if you would like to enjoy the aesthetics of the park.

Hiking is also something that you can easily do when you live in the area. When you move to the southern side of the city, you will find Patapsco Valley State Park. This park is very large, and it travels for 32 miles along the Patapsco River. You can pick up the park at any point, or you can visit on the southside of the city to hike along the banks.

The hiking trails have been spread out around the park, and they vary in difficulty as the river bends through the area. You can take the family for a big hike over the weekend, or you can take a hike when you get home from a long day of work. It all depends on what you think would be the most exciting for you or the family. You can even have a picnic on the banks of the river if you would like.

What Is Housing In Catonsville Like?

When you would like to live in the area, you can move into single-family homes that are spread around town. There are many small neighborhoods near the Baltimore Turnpike which is good for commuting, and there are a few areas in Adil Meadows or Westview Park. You can look around the area to find some duplexes that might have been pulled together by developers, and you might like to rent from a previous owner who has moved out of the area. Catonsville real estate is very diverse because we have people who have lived here their whole lives and new residents who are upgrading their homes.

There are also some amazing homes along the edge of Patapsco Valley State Park. Living near the park makes your views amazing when you are near the woods and the river banks. Some people move down there because they can walk out their back door for a hike, and others will live there because the houses tend to be a little more valuable.

The beauty of this little town is that it has retained all of the expansion that occurred around the turn of the 20th Century. This town looks like it might have been transplanted from another area, and it provides you with a level of charm that other suburbs cannot.

There are also apartments and townhomes near UMBC, and you might find that there are a few places to rent that will work for your small family. Sharing a duplex or multi-family home with another family might be a way to make friends for life. You can move into these cheaper accommodations while you plan to buy another home, and there are college students who have moved into Catonsville because it is a little bit quieter than a college campus.

Where To Eat

Catonsville Gourmet, Duesenberg’s, and Foobao, and a number of other small establishments dot the landscape in this little town. Catonsville welcomes in people who are looking for a bite to eat, and it also allows you to walk to your favorite spot no matter where it is. The “turn of the century” styling of this town allows walking so that you are not constantly driving when you would like a cup of coffee or a nice brunch. Places like Ship’s Cafe and Black Kettle are also wonderful choices. You can also place an order on Doordash if you want because there is a high concentration of great food in this area.

When you are ready to look at homes in the Catonsville, MD area, you can reach out to a Catonsville realtor today who will help you with the search. You can find a lovely place to live, or you might come across a rental that will help you prepare for the future. You are within walking distance of UMBC, their amazing sculpture park, the river, great hiking, good food, and historic homes that will make you feel as though you have gone back in time.