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    New Construction Company Affiliation- 10 Point Construction

    Here at Corner House Reality, we are SO excited to announce our new affiliated construction company, 10 Point Construction!

    How did this partnership come about? Recently, we experienced a situation where we were working for a seller. We recommended three different contractors for the seller to contact. All three of these contractors never returned the seller’s call. We were disappointed and frustrated with this outcome. Since then, we’ve been looking for a loyal construction company to partner with, and we are so confident we have found the perfect one.

    10 Point Construction is local, as well as family-owned and operated. We are so excited to now recommend our clients to a company we can stand behind, and KNOW will be an excellent fit for our clients.

    Don Zimmerman, the owner of 10 Point Construction, has been a contractor for over 30 years. Before developing the construction company, he was a part of one of the most extensive renovations companies in the country.

    Since working with 10 Point Construction, their consistency and loyalty have blown us away. In just one month of working together, they have completed six projects for us. The best part? 10 Point puts its clients first. There are no inflated prices or outbidding other contractors. They are reasonably priced, and most importantly, affordable!


    Are you in need of a contractor? Let us help! We would love to chat with you about hiring 10 Point Construction in Catonsville or buying or selling your home! Give them a call at 410-231-3370


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